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Height: 5"9 / 175 cm

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Auburn

Location: Brisbane & Melbourne


Production Company | Project Name | 2023

Lead Actor​

Production Company | Project Name | 2023

Lead Actor​

Production Company | Project Name | 2023

Lead Actor​



Harrow Guest Hoodlum Productions, Tony Krawitz

Worst Animal Nightmares Guest Best Picture Show Company, John Stainton

Gyoten News Support CP International


Feature Film

Guard Pearsons Rise Vision Films, Mack Lindon

Short Film

Natalie, Support, Sh.A.R.D. , Rebecca Gardiner

Claire, Lead,  A Picture of Other People Lonely Sheep Productions, Jason Fitzgerald

Paula, Support, Shakes Jason Fitzgerald Films, Jason Fitzgerald

Ashlynn, Support,  Tollan's Light , Daryl Irvine

Liana, Support, Isadore, dir. Stefani Speerin

Erin, Support, Hiraeth, dir. Katherine Chediak

Stokes, Lead, Solutions at Hand, dir. Isaac Ray

Mother, Support,  The Tooth Demon QPIX, dir. Michelle Atkinson

Maylen, Support, Frida and the Shadow QCA

Claire, Lead,  A Few Words With Loneliness, Martha Goddard

Amelia, Lead, Wolf Shadow QCA

Rose, Lead, Old Man Dick QCA

Jane, Lead, Early Sunday Morning QCA

Mother, Support,  Once Upon a Time , Robbie Porter

Adelaide, Lead, Adelaide Suspender Films, dir. Louise Sawtell

Kathy, Lead, Lisbon A League of Gentlemen The Chardonnay Club, dir. Marco Sinigaglia

Lily, Lead, Discovering Lily, dir. Lyn Kidd


Dianne Two Weeks Fortnight Films, Daniel Anderson

Nurse Homecoming Queens Generator Pictures, Corrie Chen

Police Psychologist Scout KiLN, Tom Francis


Commercial (last 6 years only)

2017 Emotional Abuse Mum Domestic & Family Violence Campaign Carbon Media, Brendan Williams

2016 Mother TMR P Plater Taxi, Miles Murphy

2016 Jill QSuper Bill & Jill webseries BlackLab International, Grant Marshall

2015 Lucy Instant Scratch Its - Library BlackLab International, Grant Marshall

2014 Office Lady Qld Health Taxi Film Production, Miles Murphy

2014 Betty Shine Lawyers Taxi Film Production, Miles Murphy

2013 Wife - House & Land Great Start First Homeowner's Grant Blacklab International, Grant Marshall


2010 Timara You Pissed in my Bed Short + Sweet Festival Sydney, Noel Sheridan

2009 Timara You Pissed in my Bed Short + Sweet Festival Brisbane, Noel Sheridan

2007 Hippolyta A Midsummer Night's Dream 4MBS Shakespeare in the Park, Tama Matheson

2004 Simone Twisted Bugfest, Suz Mawer

2003 Angela Secret Bridesmaid's Business Frontrow, Liddy Clark

2002 Salome Salome Nash Theatre, Michael McMahon

2002 Lady Macbeth Macbeth Brisbane Arts Theatre, Paul Sherman


2018 Larry Moss Masterclass

2018 Peter Andrikidis Television Acting

2018 Tom McSweeney Advanced Audition Technique

2018 Patsy Rodenburg Masterclass

2017 Ashwin Gore Standard American Accent Course

2016 Peter Kent US Accent Class

2016 Darren Gilshenan Comedy Masterclass

2016 Kim Farrant Raw Truth in Performance Masterclass

2016 Anthony Brandon Wong Ivana Chubbuck Technique Masterclass

2016 Greg Apps Mentoring Masterclass

2016 Greg Apps Audition Techniques Workshop

2012 - 2016 Scene-o-rama Screen Acting Weekly Workouts

2015 Stevie Ray (McGregor Casting) Audition Workshop

2015 Alison Telford (ABC Drama) Screentesting

2014 Damien Walshe-Howling Masterclass

2011 Tom McSweeney Masterclass

2010 George Whaley/AFTRS Actorphobia

2007 - 2008 The Actors Workshop Film Acting Maintenance Classes

2006 George Whaley/AFTRS Actorphobia

2004 Gil Alon Into the Moment Masterclass

2004 Tony Wolf Stage Combat Masterclass

2004 Jason King - SAFDi Stage Combat - Intermediate

2003 - 2004 Troy Mackinder American Accent Private Classes

2003 Jason King - SAFDi Stage Combat - Basic

2001 The Actors Workshop Psychology of Character

Web Series

Accents: American Standard, American Southern, Australian, English, German, Russian

Languages: English, German

Yoga, stage combat, horse riding


I have been a tutor for the NIDA Open Program in both Brisbane and Melbourne since 2010.

I am also a trained yoga and meditation teacher, and facilitate Mind & Body workshops for performers.

Memberships: M.E.A.A

2010 - present
2010 - present
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